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This process is for Contractors, who are currently licensed in Louisiana, who are applying for licensure in Other States based on Reciprocity or Examination Endorsement Agreements.

The other states’ licensing boards may require a Verification of Licensure from the state in which you are currently licensed. Please note: Depending on the state, the “Verification of Licensure” may instead be called one of the following: License Verification, Letter of Good Standing or Examination Waiver Application.

How to obtain a Verification of Licensure from LSLBC

   1.   Complete the NEW online Verification of License Request form and pay the required fees.
   2.   This form is found online in the Licensee’s LSLBC Contractor Portal, located under “Forms”.
            a.    If you do not have access to the LSLBC Contractor Portal for the Licensee, then you will need to gain access from the Licensee’s representative.
            b.    If Licensee’s representative is no longer with the company or cannot locate the portal’s login information, please  Contact Us for the login information.
   3.   After the form is submitted, allow 7-14 business days for processing time by LSLBC staff.
*Do not need to send us the reciprocal state’s blank verification of license form as it will not be accepted.

How will you receive the Verification of Licensure from LSLBC:

Once the online Verification of License Request has been processed by staff, LSLBC will complete our own Verification of License letter, which is accepted by the other reciprocal states.

LSLBC will email and mail the Verification of License letter directly to the Licensee’s email address and mailing address currently on file. LSLBC will also email the form to the reciprocal board if their email address is provided on the form.

For more information regarding Verification of License Requests or the LSLBC Contractor Portal’s information, please Contact Us.


*Specific Instructions for the Arkansas Contractors Licensing Board – Follow the Verification of License Request steps to obtain a LSLBC Verification of License letter. Additionally, you will obtain AR’s blank Verification of License form and complete only the top portion of their form. You will submit to the AR board, the LSLBC Verification of License letter and their form together when you submit your license application with AR.

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