• 600 North Street, Baton Rouge, 70802
  • (225) 765-2301
  • Text-To-Verify: 1 (855) 999-7896
dial 225.765.2301 followed by the 4-digit extension

Primary Contacts

Name Position Extension
Michael McDuff Executive Director 1221
Judy Dupuy Board Administrator 1224
Tracy Guidry IT Director 1219
Damien Smart IT Program Manager 1261
Todd Brady Public Information; Records Custodian 1223
TK Davis Administration/Reception 1211

Commercial and Residential Applications

The following staff are responsible for responding to inquiries to the status of an application/license. You may submit your inquiry using our Contact Us form.  

Elaine Riggins Applications/Licensing Director 1243
Tarah Revette Applications/Licensing Director 1213
Monica Webster Licensing Supervisor/Residential 1241
Megan Hurst Licensing Supervisor/Commercial  1240
Trulisa Hollinds Licensing Analyst 1212
Deidra Robey Licensing Analyst  1231
Tammie Burns Licensing Analyst 1234

Compliance — Administration

Brad Hassert Compliance Director 1248
Carrie Morgan Administrative Manager 1215
Leann Evans Administrative Program Director 1216
Elysia Howard Complaints 1253
Emily Laprarie Complaints 1217
Shannon Sagona Complaints 1265

Compliance — Investigative

Bobby Abraham Compliance Supervisor  
Brent Templet Compliance Administrator 1244
Sean Beavers Compliance Supervisor  

Human Resources and Examinations

Janna Lege, SHRM-CP Human Resources and Exams Director


Doug Traylor Examinations 


Nikki Lopez-Crawford Examinations  1259
Shannon Temple Examinations 1228


Maria Brady Accountant Administrator 1236
Kelly Smith Accounting Supervisor 1232
Janet Kimble Administrative Program Specialist 1247
Natalie Abukhalaf Accounting Technician 1250


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