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  1. What does this license cover?

    • Residential Construction classification:
      • The construction of any residential structure*, which is not more than three floors in height, to be used by another as a residence, where the cost of labor and materials will exceed $75,000.

        *Residential Structure = building or structure used by a person as a residence. Such structures or buildings include but are not limited to single family dwellings, duplexes, triplexes, and fourplexes which are not more than three floors in height and structures that are part of or adjacent to the building or structures to be used as a residence.

      • Home improvement projects.
    • Residential Swimming Pools classification:
      • Persons holding a residential construction license may provide a bid, provide pricing, or enter into a contract to construct a residential swimming pool but cannot perform the swimming pool construction work for a residential swimming pool until first obtaining a license from the board for the residential specialty classification called Residential Swimming Pools. This is required for residential swimming pools projects where the cost of labor and materials will exceed $7,500.
  2. What are the requirements for licensure?
    • The contractor must:
      • Complete the online Residential Application. Additional information/documents may be requested within the application.
      • Provide a financial statement showing a minimum of $10,000 net worth (must be current within 12 months of application).
      • Pass the required examinations. After the application is submitted, the Qualifying Party will receive testing information. See link below for classification list and additional examination information.
        • Must take Business & Law course
        • Must take trade exam, if applicable
      • After the application is submitted, provide proof of general liability insurance with a minimum amount of $100,000 and proof of workers’ compensation coverage. Insurance certificate(s) should be emailed directly from the insurance agent to [email protected]. See link below for specific insurance information.
      • Be approved by the Board before issuance of the license.
    • For information regarding Reciprocity see link below.
  1. What must I do to maintain the license once it is issued?

    • Once the license is issued the initial license certificate will be valid for one year, then you may renew your license for a one, two, or three year period.
      • A Renewal notice will be emailed or mailed to the address on record approximately 60 days prior to the expiration, 15 days prior to expiration and upon expiration of the license.
      • You must provide proof of general liability and workers’ compensation insurance coverage upon renewal of the license.
        • Insurance certificate(s) should be emailed directly from the insurance agent to [email protected].
        • Note: Failure to submit these documents can delay the renewal of the license.
    • You must maintain continuous insurance coverage while holding an active license with this board.
    • You must maintain a current address with this Board.
    • You must maintain a Qualifying Party for all classifications listed on your license.
    • If you are a residential building contractor, you are required to complete a minimum of six hours of continuing education annually by a board approved provider.
      • The contractor will maintain their education certificates for a five-year period and provide copies to this office if requested.
      • Click here for exceptions to the continuing education requirement.


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