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Acknowledgement Review


  1. I understand I must arrive at the testing center for check-in and orientation at least 15 MINUTES PRIOR to my scheduled examination time, and that if I am late, I may be excluded from testing and counted as a forfeit for the scheduled exam. Furthermore, I understand that I will not be allowed in the testing center after the start time of my scheduled exam. See Item 4.

  2. I understand that it is my responsibility to confirm my exam date and time by viewing the registration confirmation notice available on the LSLBC web portal after completing the registration process. https://arlspublic.lslbc.louisiana.gov/Home/Login Test candidates without an appointment will not be admitted for testing.

  3. I understand that I must present a government-issued photo ID and that I will not be admitted for testing without proper identification.

  4. I understand that exams may only be rescheduled up to 7 days prior to the scheduled exam date. After that period, the exam date is irrevocable and failure to appear for the scheduled exam at the scheduled time will be considered forfeiture. I further understand forfeitures must pay a $120 examination fee plus a $75 exam re-registration fee for a total of $195 per exam missed and wait a minimum of 30 days before rescheduling. This fee can only be paid through the web portal beginning the day after the missed exam date.

  5. I understand that I may only schedule an examination for which I have been preapproved. If I want additional examinations or an examination other than the one for which I have been approved, I must first obtain approval from the staff at the State Licensing Board for Contactors. The test proctor will be unable to change the examination I am scheduled for when I arrive at the testing site.

  6. I understand that no one else may take my place for any test on the date scheduled.

  7. I understand that, although the Board will make every effort to notify me if state offices become closed due to inclement weather, etc., it is my own responsibility to determine whether state offices will be closed. Further, I understand that if the State of Louisiana closes governmental offices due to hurricane, snow, or other inclement weather, acts of God, etc., or other unexpected circumstances, such as power outages or technical failures at the testing center, prevent me from taking or completing an examination, I will be allowed to reschedule once for each affected exam at no additional charge; however, I will not be compensated by the Board or by any testing center for any expenses resulting from such closures.

  8. I understand that all questions and answers for any examination given at the testing center are confidential and I agree not to share them with anyone under penalty of law.

  9. I understand that the Board is neither affiliated with, nor endorses the use of any school or seminar conducted for the purposes of preparing for exams, and that the exams are based upon the basic knowledge needed by those practicing the trade involved. I also understand that for anyone wishing further preparation, recommendations may be found on the Board’s website under the icon labeled “Examinations/Classifications”.

    For questions concerning examinations or scheduling, please contact Shannon at the Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors – 225.765.2301 x1228 or by email at [email protected]


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