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Diagnostic Exam for Swimming Pools

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If the reinforcing steel will serve as the equipotential bonding grid for a swimming pool, the 2017 National Electrical Code requires that the reinforcing steel tie wires be:

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 A swimming pool will have a ceramic tile floor using regular Portland cement mortar.   The mortar bed should be at least:

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In the equipment shown, the removable basket is used to:

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The water level of a 30 foot diameter circular swimming pool will be 5 feet deep throughout the floor.  About how many gallons of water will be needed for this swimming pool?  Note:  Assume that pi = 3.14, and that there are 7.48 gallons per cubic foot of water.

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A dry-mix shotcrete (gunite) which is not using coarse aggregate would normally be mixed in which proportion by weight?

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Shotcreting for an outdoor pool should be stopped whenever the outside temperature rises above:

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Dry-mix shotcrete (Gunite) used to build a swimming pool wall, when the main area of the wall's center has been reached, is best shot:

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Which of the chemicals below is commonly used in the water mix for swimming pools?

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In general, federal law requires that public swimming pools have anti-entrapment protection when there is:

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According to the Safety Standard For Swimming Pool Slides (16 C.F.R. Part 1207), the handrail for a swimming pool slide shown at A should be no higher from the slide than:

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When building an in-ground pool, Louisiana One Call™ or the utilities should first be notified prior to beginning the:

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Barrier fences for swimming pools should have pedestrian gates that:

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The Louisiana Public Health - Sanitary Code (LAC 51:XXIV:5) requires that the suction outlet grates for the circulation of water in a swimming pool must be secured in such a way as to be able to be removed:

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The Louisiana Public Health - Sanitary Code (LAC 51:XXIV:5) requires that the stair tread depth for a pool deck, as shown by dimension A, must be at least:

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If an overflow gutter is used on a pool, the Louisiana Public Health - Sanitary Code (LAC 51:XXIV:5) requires that the gutter must extend:

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Which item below is required by the Louisiana Public Health - Sanitary Code (LAC 51:XXIV:7) to be kept at Class A, Class B, or Class C swimming pools?

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The Louisiana Public Health - Sanitary Code (LAC 51:XXIV) requires that a rope and float line be provided:

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Underwater seat benches are allowed under the Louisiana Public Health - Sanitary Code (LAC 51:XXIV) for:

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When installing a fiberglass pool, the pool should be removed from the truck that delivers it:

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The Louisiana Public Health - Sanitary Code (LAC 51:XXIV) prohibits the water in a swimming pool from being artificially heated such that the temperature rises above:

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