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In accordance with La. R.S. 37:33-36 and La. R.S. 37:2950, a person shall not be disqualified, or held ineligible to practice or engage in any trade, occupation or profession for which a license, permit, or certificate is required to be issued, solely or partly because of a prior criminal record, except in cases in which a conviction directly relates to the trade, occupation, or profession for which the license, permit, or certificate is sought.

The LSLBC will review criminal background on any applicant including an individual, owner, officer, manager, or qualifying party.  A criminal conviction does not automatically mean that an application will be denied.   BEFORE making an application to become a licensed contractor or a home improvement registrant, you MAY request a determination as to whether a criminal conviction will disqualify you from receiving a license.  

Convictions related to the fitness or ability to act as a contractor, the handling and accounting of monies, and/or false swearing or record keeping may result in disqualification. 

If you request a determination before seeking licensure, LSLBC will provide a written response within 45 days informing you whether you are disqualified from receiving a license or serving as a qualifying party. All applicants determined to be disqualified will receive a written response from the LSLBC which will include the following:

  • The specific conviction that is the basis for the intended denial.
  • The reasons the conviction was determined to be directly related to the license activity, including findings for each of the factors provided in La. R.S. 37:2950 that the LSLBC deemed relevant to the denial:
    • The nature and seriousness of the offense.
    • The nature of the specific duties/responsibilities for which the license or registration is required.
    • The amount of time that has passed since the conviction.
    • Facts relevant to the circumstances of the offense, including any aggravating or mitigating circumstances or social conditions surrounding the commission of the offense.
    • Evidence of rehabilitation or treatment undertaken by the person since the conviction.
  • The right to submit additional evidence addressing each factor listed in R.S. 37:2950 within 60 days, which LSLBC will consider before issuing a final determination.
  • A final determination that a criminal conviction will prevent a person from receiving a license shall include a notice of the right to appeal the determination and notice of the earliest date the applicant may reapply for a license.


DISCLAIMER: A determination made by the LSLBC is binding unless, at the time a full application for a license is submitted, the applicant has been subsequently convicted of a crime, has pending criminal charges, or has previously undisclosed criminal convictions.

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