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NOTE:  Licenses are issued as soon as all requirements for licensure are met.  This includes the receipt of the completed online application, the receipt of all required documents, and the successful completion of any trade exams or receipt of credentials required of the Qualifying Party. 


All applicants must complete an online application and pay all fees.    

  • If applying for a license as an Individual, must provide full legal name.
  • If applying for a license as a Business Entity (Corporations, LLC’s, Limited Partnership, General Partnership), must provide full legal name of business and the Federal Tax ID (EIN
  • If applying as a Corporation, LLC, or Limited Partnership, must have a registration status of “Active” and “In Good Standing” with the Louisiana Secretary of State and must provide Charter Number.
    • NOTE: As long as you are licensed with the LSLBC, you must remain active with the Louisiana Secretary of State.
  • Must provide Social Security Numbers and Dates of Birth for each individual listed on the application including owners, officers, partners, members, managers and/or Qualifying Parties.
    • If applicant/licensee is owned by parent company(ies), the parent company(ies) name and EIN must be provided.
    • SSN’s and EIN’s will not be released for any other purpose not provided by law.
  • Contact Information – Address (physical and mailing), Phone Numbers, Email Address must be provided for the applicant and for each Qualifying Party and must be kept current.
  • Examinations – For Commercial, Residential and Mold Applicants, a Qualifying Party(s) must be added to the license and must pass any examination(s) and/or provide any credential required for a classification. The Qualifying Party must complete the Business & Law course.

Required Documents

Some documents, as noted below, may not be required for all license types.  All required documents are to be uploaded at the end of the application process.

  • Financial Statement (Required for Commercial, Residential and Mold Remediation applicants)
  • Articles of Incorporation/Organization/Partnership Agreement [All but Sole Proprietor]
    • Required for all business entities applying for a Commercial, Residential or Mold remediation license:
    • If Corporation, provide copy of Articles of Incorporation, By-laws (if they exist), and any amendments made to the Business Name.
      • If LLC, provide copy of Articles of Organization, Operating Agreement (if they exist), and any amendments made to the Business Name.
      • If Limited or General Partnership, provide a copy of the Partnership Agreement
  • Copy of Credential(s) – for Classifications which require a Credential in lieu of a Trade Exam
      • Review the Classification List found at: https://lslbc.louisiana.gov/examsclassifications/.
      • If the classification selected requires a Credential in lieu of a trade exam, the document evidencing the credential is required. Examples include Plumbing Certificate from the Louisiana State Plumbing Board; Asbestos Certificate form the Department of Environmental Quality; Mold Remediation Training Certificate, etc.
  • Reciprocity Request – For Out-of-State Companies Applying for a Commercial or Residential License and Requesting Reciprocity from a Reciprocal State
    • Reciprocity Request Form by clicking HERE.
    • Provide a completed, signed copy of the Reciprocity Request Form that was completed by the reciprocal state.
  • Certificates of Insurance – (Not required for Commercial Applicants/Licensees)
    • Both General Liability and Workers’ Compensation insurance coverage are required for all Residential, Home Improvement, and Mold Remediation applicants/licensees:
      • Minimum amount of $100,000 in General Liability coverage and proof of Workers’ Compensation for Residential and Home Improvement applicants/licensees.
      • Minimum amount of $50,000 in General Liability coverage and proof of Workers’ Compensation for Mold Remediation applicants/licensees.
    • Not required to be submitted for Commercial applicants.
    • MUST BE SUBMITTED by your Insurance Agent by email to [email protected] at application and at renewal of the license/registration.
    • NOTE: For those licenses which require insurance as a condition of receiving a license with this board, you must maintain continuous coverage of general liability and workers’ compensation as long as you hold an active license.

Designation of a Qualifying Party

  • Applicants must designate a Qualifying Party(s) to represent the Commercial, Residential or Mold license (not required for Home Improvement). The Qualifying Party is a person designated by the contractor to represent the licensed entity for the purpose of (1) complying with LSLBC licensing laws (Business & Law); (2) meeting the requirements of any classification; and (3) meeting the requirements for the initial license and any continuation thereof.
  • Qualifying Parties must:
    • Complete the verification process which requires that the Qualifying Party provide basic information and attest that he/she is the person completing and submitting required information.
    • Meet the statutory definition of a Qualifying Party as defined in Louisiana Revised Statues 37:2156.1D (1) as provided below.
      • (a)  A sole proprietor or spouse of a sole proprietor.
      • (b)  Any current full-time employee, as defined by the IRS, of an applicant.  The employee may be allowed to be the qualifying party for the licensed company and related entities.
      • (c)  Any stockholder, officer, or incorporator of a corporation.
      • (d) Any partner of a partnership.
      • (e) Any member or manager of a limited liability company.
    • Meet any classification requirements (pass any required trade exam or submit any required credential for the requested classification).
  • NOTE: As long as you are licensed with the LSLBC, you must maintain a Qualifying Party for Business and Law and for each classification carried on your license. To report a change in qualifying party, click HERE.

Other Items Which Must be Kept Current with the LSLBC

The following information must be kept current at all times with LSLBC.  Any changes to any of this information must be made to the board within 30 days.

  • Entity Name change
  • Ownership change
  • Officer Changes (for Corporations)
  • Conversion or Merger
  • FEIN change
  • State of Incorporate change

Click HERE to report one of the aforementioned changes.

A current Email Address and all other contact information must remain current with the LSLBC.  All official correspondence from this agency is conducted by email, including renewal notices. Click HERE for how to update your contact information.

Continuing Education/For Residential Contractors ONLY

  • Click HERE for more information
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