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Diagnostic Exam for Heavy Construction

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1. In general, if a permanent oil tank is located within 1,000 feet of a school and within the city limits of a town, the tank must be:


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2. A timber railroad tie is normally:

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The trench shown measures an average of 4 feet wide by 6 feet high.
Assuming no shrinkage or swelling, how many cubic yards will be removed from the ground to create this trench?

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4. In the illustration shown, what is the elevation at D?

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5. A pipe will be laid at the bottom of a trench in unstable soil, and a trench box will be used to shore the sides while working inside the trench.  The bottom of the trench box would best be placed at a level that will be:

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6. In controlling groundwater for an excavation that will be 10 feet deep, which method below would best be justified for a soil that is mostly silt?

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7. Which type of hammer used for pile driving cannot be operated underwater?

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8. In the drawing shown are the bottom views of four piles set up for jetting. The best setup is shown at:

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9. A silt fence should be erected so that the bottom of the fence is:

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10. A 16 foot beam is specified as follows:  W 14 x 109.  The beam will weigh:

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11. Pipe flanges are normally secured using:

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12. The welding symbol below means:

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13. The type of valve shown at A is a:

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14. A piece of equipment will be lifted with a crane using eyebolts.  Of the setups shown, which is the best way to rig this equipment?

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15. An upper deck being constructed has a hole around a ladderway, which is protected by a guardrail.  Unless this hole is offset so that no-one can walk into it, there must be a:

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16.  A form for a concrete beam would best be removed:

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17. Concrete is being delivered to a job with a truck mixer.  From the time that the concrete was batched, all of the concrete should be poured within:

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18. In general, on level ground, if a gravel subbase will be used for a concrete slab, the subbase should be placed and compacted so that it is then AT LEAST:

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19. If a barge is moored at an angle to the bank at night time, it must have two round white lights that can be seen from at least how far away?

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20. A boat dock will be built on a navigable river in Louisiana.  To work on this project, a permit may be needed from the:

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